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Super Dash Run Catching Up in the US

The Super Dash Run app is slowly, but surely starting to catch up with fans in the US. It's taken over other countries and it's now time for the US.

Super Dash Run has recently been listed as one of the Top Five Most Popular games in the app store. While it boasts as having superior map designs, fun-loving unique characters and great game play experience, this app is more than just a simple little hand game. It’s a very individualistic masterpiece that the developer was able to create with a sense of originality and purpose. By combining great characteristics that would make a running game addictive and exciting, the developer created something that many gamers have become attached to.</p><blockquote>"Super Dash Run is an app that shows one of the most innovative steps in the next generation of infinite running games." Kelvin Smith, CEO Development Innovations </blockquote><p>People are immediately pulled into the hilarious, stomach-splitting storyline that is displayed at the beginning of the app. Two teenagers are on the couch get caught up in their puppy love for eachother and end up going in for a kiss. When the father of the girl bursts through the door and sees her boyfriend with an arm around his little girl, he completely loses it. As the boyfriend stares in shock and ponders what to do next, the father lunges at him with balled fists and rage. The boyfriend hops off the couch, out the window and begins the run of a lifetime with the angry father not too far behind. There are few more things that are important to Super Dash Run fans. First and foremost, the social media aspect of Super Dash Run is making a huge impact with its gamers all over the world. Within this game, the gamer has the ability to connect to their Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter accounts. These platforms allow the gamers to share their milestones, brag about their points and accomplishments, challenge friends and family and so much more. It’s a way for them to connect with the outside world to let them know what’s going on with Super Dash Run. Also, there are some of the other special features that are shown within this app. While the gamer's fighting to stay alive, there are many things that the developer has included along the way to help him. There are scooters that get the gamer zipping through traffic, ziplines that get him zooming over car explosions, mudslides that get him gliding through the jungle and many more popular props that help to kick it up a notch. There are characters who boast of being football jocks, school nerds, boxing champions and so much more. There’s scenery that show beautiful clear, blue waters, busy city streets and even the farmers market to keep your attention and give you that feel of a real life environment. feedback@developmentinnovationsllc.com Facebook - www.facebook.com/SuperDashRun Twitter - www.twitter.com/SuperDashRun

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